Dodge Credit Card Insights – 5 Things to Know About it

Jan 20, 2024 By Susan Kelly

Everyone dreams of having a car to travel from one place to another comfortably. However, it is not easy for people to get cars, especially at a time when inflation is increasing day by day. This is where the Dodge Credit Card comes into action.

If you like Dodge cars and are planning on buying or leasing a vehicle from this brand, then having a Dodge Credit Card can be very beneficial. This fantastic card will help you lower the vehicle's sticker price and provide you with many different bonuses. This article contains information you should know about this card before getting it. So, let's get into the article and have a look at it.

What is a Dodge Credit Card?

Dodge Credit Card, also called the Dodge DrivePlus Mastercard, is a powerful card that can help you in many different ways. This will allow you to save money when buying or leasing cars or any other vehicle from this brand and provide you with many different bonuses. Other than this, the customers can use this even after they have purchased the cars.

This means that if there are wear-offs on the cars,, customers can use the card to get discounts and cash backs. There are also different rewards that you can get from using this Mastercard.

The Dodge Credit Card is a fantastic way for people to get their cars and save some pennies. This card is issued by the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), and has helped many people get their first car without stressing about the money.

5 Things to Know about the Dodge Credit Card:

There are different things and benefits that you can get from this card. If you are curious to know more about this Dodge DrivePlus Mastercard, then the following are the five main things.

Earn 5% on Dodge Products:

Dodge is a platform that is known for its automobiles. If you get the Dodge DrivePlus Mastercard, then it works on the three-tiered rewards structure. With the help of this card following are a few things you can easily earn.

If you are doing the dealership purchases, which means services, purchasing of parts for the cars, accessories of the cars, and even doing the car down payments, then you will be getting unlimited 5% cash back.

There is also unlimited 2% cash back for gas and travel purchases. So if you are getting the EV stations, airfare, renting or lodging a car from them, then this will allow you to get the cashback.

Lastly, you can even get 1% cash back on all the other things they offer.

Redemption Options

With the Dodge Credit Cards, you can earn rewards as points that can be redeemed for various things in the future. Following are the other items on which you can quickly save points and get some money.

  • You can redeem these points if you get parts and services for your cars from the US Fair Chrysler Automobile dealerships. Cherylers, jeep, Ram, Dodge, and Fait brands are included in this.
  • You can redeem the points when purchasing the vehicles or leasing your cars from the Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Fait, or Jeep vehicles. You can use these points for both the new and used cars.
  • Points can be used on merchandise, gift cards, and even certificates.
  • Use the points when booking airfare, car rentals, and even hotels.

Sign-up Bonuses

The most impressive thing about the Dodge Credit Card is that there is no annual card fee. However, they offer amazing sign-up bonuses. If cardholders spend about $100 at the FCA dealerships, they offer you a $100 statement credit.

They also have a $100 welcome offer, which means when you become a part of their credit card hold, you will get the $100. You get many other cashback offers, such as $500 cash back after spending $300 in the first three months.

Bigger Bonuses for High Spending:

The Dodge DrivePlus Mastercard is a rare card you can find because of the fantastic cashback and bonuses they offer. Overall, you can get more than $1000 of cash back if you use them correctly and meet the spending requirements.

We mentioned the $100 welcome, but other than that, you can even get a $1000 certificate if you purchase or want to lease new cars from Jeep, Fait, Dodge, Ram, or Chrysler. To get this certificate, the customers must spend about $7500 in the first year after opening their account.

Other than this, there are a lot of different cashback and rewards that you can use while you are getting your vehicle and even after getting one. This is why it is suggested that you check Dodge's website to make sure you are meeting all the requirements, and you can even know the deadlines for when the cashback can get expired.

No Interest Charging for Six Months:

If you make purchases for $499 or more at the FCA dealerships, then you will qualify for the 0% annual percentage rate for specific items during the first six months. This means if you purchase one item or multiple items that are worth $499, then you will easily qualify for this.

There are also other qualifying criteria that you can complete to get the no-interest charger for the six months after purchasing the items.

Final Words:

Dodge is a unique automobile brand that has made purchasing vehicles for customers very easy. With the Dodge Credit Card, it becomes very easy for users as they always get a lot of cashback and rewards. Therefore, we hope this article was beneficial for you in learning about the essential things about this credit card.

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